Pre-Packing Service ~ $40.00/hour per Expert Removals Packer

Life is just too hectic in this day and age. Sure, we can make you move less stressful by supplying you with our incredible boxes, but what if you don’t have the time to pack?

Enviropac Rentals has you covered. We are proud to offer a Pre-Packing Service.

How does it work?

It’s so simple! Give our team a call and book in our pre-packing service for the date of your choosing. We will then send two expert packers who will pack up your home in no time at all and prepare everything for the removalists. We will stack everything neatly and easily accessible to the removalist so that you don’t pay them to sort through your belongings and waste time running from room to room.

How much does it cost?

Small Box Stacked

Our pre-packing services start at $40.00 per hour for each Expert Packer you employ. To save you time, which means saving you money, we send our Packers in teams of two so that they can work together in a more efficient manner. Once everything is packed up, we tally up all the items we have used and charge accordingly. You don’t pay for anything we haven’t used. Just remember…. our custom designed moving boxes are 1 third of the cost of traditional cardboard boxes

How long will it take?

Depending on the items being packaged, a team of two can pack 20 of our Medium Boxes easily within an hour. You might ask “How can we pack so many boxes when other companies can only pack 5 per hour?”. It’s because our custom engineered moving boxes are an innovation to the removalist industry. Our moving boxes assemble in 1 second with no need for tape or wasting time setting up. You pay for the packing and not the stuffing around.

Enviro Hanging Robe In UseWhat can you pack?

Our team are professionals in their field. We can pack almost everything contained within the average household and office. We are more than happy to bring our tools to disassemble and reassemble your furniture. We can wrap and pack the most delicate of china wears. We can even pack up your wardrobe by fabric colour coordination! Not sure why you would need us to colour coordinate your wardrobe but hey, if it makes you happy, we can do it! The only items we cannot pack are items classified as dangerous goods (aerosol cans, pressurised canisters, oils, solvents, fuel, explosives ect.)

Can I hire Enviropac Rentals to handle the ENTIRE PROCESS?

Of course, you can! Why not leave it to the professionals? Call us to discuss a complete removal package. We can complete the pre-pack, load it on the truck, move it to your new home, unload it all and even unpack everything where you tell us too!


Moving has never been so easy. Give Enviropac Rentals a call to discuss our quality, trustworthy and caring Pre-Packing Service