Who Is Enviropac Rentals

We are just like every other family who became fed up with hunting down cardboard boxes for the big move. Growing tired of annoying family and friends to save their cartons, we decided to take our future into our own hands.

Enviropac Rental’s was born.

Enviropac Rentals is a cheap, easy and environmentally friendly way to approach all your moving needs. Life is expensive enough. Save some of your hard earned cash and rent your moving supplies next time you move.


Enviropac Rentals is always open to new and exciting opportunities to give back to the community. We would love to hear about your ideas of how we can help you or your organisation grow and flourish. Feel free to contact us at any time.


Enviropac Rentals was fortunate enough to be interviewed by The Chronicle Journalist Charlotte Lam for an inclusion in the Business Section of The Chronicle Toowoomba in June 2017. This great read excellently portrayed our company culture while explaining perfectly what we represent at Enviropac Rentals and why we began this journey of community assistance.

You can check out the fantastic article and short video here: Young Family’s Brave move – Couple rents tough, flat easy-to-assemble boxes