Office Relocation Solution Package

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Office Relocation Solution Package


This package has been designed by using the average requirements of the Office Relocation bookings we have taken so far.

We encourage you to customize the package to suit your office size. To give you a starting point, you will use 2 Medium Moving Boxes for every average sized filing cabinet draw. Large boxes are great for rolled up plans of an A1 size and under. 


Why waste time sending an employee to the shops to buy cardboard boxes. We are happy to visit your workplace, collect your requirements and create a customized package to suit your corporate needs.



The Office Relocation Solution Package includes:
  • 10  Large Box
  • 90 Medium Size Boxes
  • 2 Linen Bags
  • 1 Flat Bed Trolley
  • 1 Removalist Hand Trolley
  • 2 Tape Dispenser
  • 4 Rolls of Packing Tape
  • 20 Meters of 10mm Thick Bubble Wrap
  • 2KG Butchers Paper
  • 4 Marker Pens To Label Boxes

All packages are customizable. If you feel that you may need more of a certain item, give us a call and ask to swap it for something you won’t need. We are always happy to help! 

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